Learning PHP and MySQL with Lynda.com Courses

PHP is one of the most popular languages on the web. If you want to know how to become a software developer or just want to educate yourself to manage your own website better, you can take an online course on PHP and MySQL at Lynda.com.  There are several sites to choose from when you want to learn a new programming language, but Lynda has become one of the more popular sites for its ease-of-use and friendly interface. Lynda also has a comprehensive library of videos that takes you step-by-step through the education process.

Advantages of Lynda.com

  • Unlimited access for a small fee
  • Learn any language including PHP at your own pace
  • Mobile technology, so you can learn from your smartphone or tablet
  • The latest technology courses added weekly
  • Teachers are experts in their field

Unlimited Access for a Small Fee

PHP has several areas of study. You start small and then learn more advanced features as you go. Using PHP and MySQL together is relatively simple, but you must understand MySQL to create fully functional websites in PHP. Learning both will take several weeks, and you need several videos to learn the advanced features of both PHP and MySQL.

That’s where Lynda is useful for the student. For $25.00 each month, you can have access to over 100,000 tutorials and videos. To save some money, you can pay $250.00 for a yearly subscription, which means you basically get two months free.

It’s suggested that you purchase the monthly premium subscription, though, because this gives you exercise files that you can use to practice. One important part of learning languages such as PHP and MySQL is that you must be able to practice. If you don’t practice, the knowledge you learn won’t sink in as well and you won’t be able to dive into programming when you’ve finished the course. Always practice, and use Lynda’s exercise files each time you finish a video chapter.

Learning Programming Languages at Your Own Pace

PHP is easy in the beginning, but learning more advanced concepts takes time. Each student learns at a different pace. Some concepts might be more difficult for you, so you’ll need to return to previous videos or watch other videos in tandem with the PHP and MySQL videos. With Lynda, you can watch any videos in the site’s library, and you can watch them at your own pace. The leisurely learning experience with Lynda makes it an enjoyable way to learn outside of a classroom.

With Lynda’s PHP and MySQL essential training, you first learn the very basics like “What is PHP?” You then advance to configuring PHP on your server. Lynda covers installing on a Mac, Windows or Linux environment.  You then move on to data types and working with simple data structures.

After you learn the basics, you learn how to work with PHP and web pages. PHP is one of the common languages of the web, so you focus on PHP and forms, sessions, cookies and then finally, connecting PHP pages with MySQL. The nice part about Lynda courses is you not only learn how to work with both PHP and MySQL, but you also learn how to secure those pages. SQL injection, for example, is a common hack that occurs on MySQL and PHP pages. Lynda covers the ways to secure your PHP and MySQL code to protect those pages from common SQL injection hacks.

Mobile Technology: Learn from Anywhere

If you travel or prefer to browse the Internet from a tablet, Lynda offers you a way to watch videos using your mobile device. Mobile learning is convenient if you’re traveling, so you can keep up with your studies while on vacation or away from your desktop. Lynda makes mobile studying compliant with mobile devices, this means the videos are created for wireless streaming, which is typically slower than streaming from a desktop.

You can also sync your current status and place in your course studies with your wireless device. This means you won’t lose your place if you decide to switch from a desktop to a tablet. Learning from a tablet or mobile device is probably more difficult for PHP and MySQL students. Usually, when you’re learning a programming language, you want to type and practice along with the videos. On a tablet, you don’t have that option, so you will probably learn more efficiently if you stick with the desktop version.

New Technologies are Important for Tech People

Lynda adds new courses weekly, and this is especially important for programmers. To keep up-to-date with your studies, you need to make sure you learn the latest technologies. With PHP, new frameworks are introduced, so to keep up with the latest trends, you want to watch any of the latest videos on PHP technologies. When you choose an online studies site, you want to find a place like Lynda that offers you videos on trending technologies.

With MySQL, the developers continue to work on MySQL versions. With new versions, there are little changes to the SQL language that work with the latest MySQL edition. Some older MySQL versions do not support the latest MySQL language changes. Lynda gives you the ability to watch videos on the latest MySQL techniques, which is especially useful for database administrators and programmers.

Learn from Experts

There are plenty of people out there who claim to be experts. If you don’t learn from true experts, you might learn some bad practices or just plain false information is spread. Lynda has experts training you, so you know the advice is accurate.

If you watch just one video in the more advanced topics of PHP and MySQL, you’ll figure out that you are learning from an expert. For PHP programmers who are just using Lynda as a refresher course, it’s easy to see that the experts are indeed experts in their field.

More advanced concepts such as object-oriented programming (OOP) are more difficult to learn for PHP, so it helps to learn from someone who understands the concepts well. When the teacher is a true expert, the teacher explains the concepts in more detail, making it easier for students to understand.

Overall, Lynda is a great experience for people who are new to the PHP and MySQL languages or people who just want a refresher. Even experienced PHP programmers can learn a little something from the PHP courses. You can skip around with each video, so the experienced programmer can skip parts that he’s already an expert in. This makes Lynda useful for any programmer who wants to keep up with his skill set.



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