Learn PHP Online – Basics & Tutorials

There are many ways to learn PHP online including free websites, paid video courses, E-books and more. I will introduce some ways of learning PHP online, which I believe are the best methods. However, before you start learning PHP online, you should be aware of the following:

  • Anyone can learn PHP.
  • Having previous experience with programming of any kind (C, C++, Java, etc.) will definitely ease the process.

Here are the steps I recommend for learning PHP online:

1. Gain some helpful knowledge before learning PHP by reading this short article before you actually start learning PHP. It will help you sort things out. This includes Programming Foundations, tools for PHP and PHP hosting.
What you need to know before learning PHP online.

2. Now we can actually start learning PHP. I strongly recommend starting with a basic PHP course on Lynda.com. It’s a very thorough course which teaches all the important foundations of PHP, which are the foundations of every programming language. Review of PHP with MySQL Essential Training.

3. After watching the beginner’s course, it’s time to move to an intermediate course. Unfortunately the beginner’s course will not give you enough knowledge to build a complex website. Yet, it is very possible to build a quite basic website.
Review of PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics.

4. Now you can certainly build pretty much any website you wish. It will be hard in the beginning, but you reach your goal. For any problem you encounter just visit PHP.net or W3Schools, and you will definitely find your answer on one of them.


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